Get Tough Teeth Protection with a Sports Mouhtguard

girl playing sportBefore you or your child takes to the court or field to engage in your favourite sport, ensure you have pearly whites protection. Because there is a risk of injury to the mouth while playing a contact sport, it’s crucial that you wear a custom-fitted mouthguard.

Various dental injuries such as knocked-out or broken teeth can occur while playing a contact sport. Engaging in the following could put your mouth at risk:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Netball
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball

What About Those Over-the-Counter Mouthguards?

It’s tempting to purchase an inexpensive over-the-counter mouthguard to save money. The problem is that those boil-and-bite mouthguards provide inadequate protection. These types of mouthguards have a tendency to move around in the mouth. When this shifting takes place, you or your child risk sustaining a mouth injury. So while you may see cost-savings up front with an over-the-counter mouthguard, down the road, you could have expensive dental repairs.

Outstanding Protection and More

Highly sturdy, a professionally fitted mouthguard is made of ethylene vinyl acetate, which is a kind of plastic. The mouthguards we offer are precisely moulded. Thanks to this feature, a comfortable and snug fit over the gums and teeth are guaranteed. Another benefit of a custom mouthguard is it protects your jaw, neck and even brain while it also safeguards every part of your mouth.

Laminate mouthguards are also available at the practice. These oral appliances are suitable for all players unless advised otherwise. A name and a telephone number insert are incorporated.
A fun feature of our custom-fitted mouthguards is they are available in different colours. You can choose one in your favourite hue or pick the colours of your sports team.

What Does the Process of Getting a Mouthguard Involve?

The first step of the process is to take impressions of you or your child’s mouth to generate a mouthguard that fits flawlessly. This simple process involves taking impressions of the upper jaw. We then will forward the impressions to our local dental laboratory. There, a highly experienced technician will custom-create your mouthguard. The turnaround time is relatively quick. You or your child will have your mouthguard back in about two weeks.

Take Advantage of Health Fund Coverage

Are you aware that for children under 18 years some health funds cover the entire cost of a mouthguard? As everyone’s coverage is different, we encourage you to check your health fund to determine what is included.

Take that first step towards protecting your smile. Contact Incredible Smiles today to book an appointment!

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