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Meet the Incredible Smiles Team


Dentist Munno Para West, Anisha Sanghavi

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Rachel Bunn, Practice Manager

Rachel, Practice Manager

Read more about Rachel

Shortly after completing her studies, Rachel started working in dentistry in 2006. Throughout her dental career, she has had the pleasure of working in general and specialist practices where she could also utilise her nursing skills as well as grow into management positions. For Rachel, the highlight of her career is leading and expanding our great team and building lasting relationships with our patients. “The most fulfilling part of my job is helping and supporting patients to overcome their fears and watching them achieve their dream smile. It makes me proud to see and hear the positive reviews for our team.” Rachel is always looking into improving her leadership, professional and management skills for the benefit of our team and practice. She attends multiple professional/leadership development courses, dental conferences and management meetings. “When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my husband, son and twin girls–no doubt with a wine in hand!”


Jenny, Oral Health Therapist

“I enjoy connecting with people and providing health services.” For Jenny, it’s highly fulfilling to provide her patients appropriate treatment and dental education to improve their oral health. “I love seeing them with a great happy smile.” Read more about Jenny

Jenny graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2017 with a Bachelor of Oral Health. As a recent graduate, she enjoys being able to apply both her theoretical and clinical skills, providing an optimum level of dental care to both children and adults. To stay abreast of the latest in oral health, she has completed Prime Practice – Primespeak continuing education programs.

Nateenee, Oral Health Therapist

“Coming from Thailand, going to the dentist was a luxury that only the privileged could afford. I had a lot of dental issues growing up that could’ve been prevented with regular check ups and a healthy diet. I now know how easy it is to keep on top of things and how important prevention is in dentistry.” Read more about Nateenee

To prepare for her career, Nateenee earned a Bachelor of Science in Oral Health Therapy (with adult scope) from Curtin University in WA in 2019. Nateenee enjoys working with both children and adults. For her, the most fulfilling aspect of being an oral health therapist is helping people overcome their fear of going to the dentist. “I want patients to know that it doesn’t have to be scary if they keep up with their yearly check and clean.” She wants patients to realise that when problems are detected earlier, they are easier to manage for both patients and our dental team. When she’s not at the practice, Nateenee enjoys cooking and trying new culinary experiences. She also loved to travel pre-pandemic.


Nour, Dental Hygienist

In her role at the practice, Nour enjoys educating patients about the importance of adopting and maintaining excellent oral hygiene habits. One of the most fulfilling aspects of her job is providing patients with good cleans that they maintain at home. She also discusses gum disease prevention. Read More about Nour

To prepare for her career, Nour earned an Advanced Diploma of Oral Health from TAFE SA in 2017. She keeps abreast of the latest in the field by attending various continuing professional development events and webinars. When she’s not working, Nour enjoys spending time with her children and cooking with them.

Chelsea, Dental Assistant

Chelsea, Dental Assistant / Front Office Coordinator

In her role at the practice, Chelsea enjoys providing high-quality dental care to patients. Her duties include preparing instruments to be used during treatment procedures, recording medical information and ensuring that our patients are always kept comfortable. Read more about Chelsea

Chelsea also helps to carry out administrative duties such as answering phones, booking appointments and handling patient paperwork. When she’s not working, Chelsea enjoys socialising with friends and family.
zakia dental assistant

Zakia, Dental Assistant

Zakia knew she always wanted to work in the dental field, and is proud to start her career as a Dental Assistant at Incredible Smiles. She obtained her Certificate III in Dental Assisting in 2018 from the International Career Institute. Read more about Zakia

In order to bring patients the absolute best care possible, she believes it’s important to help make patients feel comfortable, cared for and listened to. As she puts it, “There’s nothing better than making a positive difference in someone’s day!” Outside of the practice, Zakia enjoys spending time with her family, nephews and shopping as well as organising and decorating her home. Get to know more about Zakia when you visit us for your next appointment.


Maree, Dental Assistant

After getting braces, Maree was inspired to become a dental assistant. “I remember being so happy and feeling so much more confident with my teeth. Now I smile more. I want to make every patient who walks into the practice to feel the same.” Read more about Maree

Maree is passionate about helping to make a change in the oral health of the community. She didn’t always work in the dental field. Previously, Maree worked in hospitality and business. She looks forward to taking further educational courses throughout her new career. When she’s not working, Maree enjoys spending time with her kids and seeing friends and family. She also likes going to the movies or out to eat, going to the beach or taking long scenic drives.


Chantelle, Dental Assistant

“As a dental assistant, I have the ability to help patients by listening and communicating with them, while building trust. I always want to make them feel comfortable when coming to a place where most people feel very uncomfortable.” Read more about Chantelle

Chantelle also finds it fulfilling to give patients a reason to smile and boost their self-esteem while helping to enhance their health as well. Chantelle prepared for her career by earning a Certificate III in Dental Assisting from TAFE SA in 2018. Outside of work Chantelle mostly likes to socialise with her friends and family.

Sharneen, Dental Assistant

Sharneen, Dental Assistant

Read more about Sharneen

“I’m a late bloomer in terms of career choice, and have always wanted to work in health and become a nurse. I wasn’t sure exactly what type of nurse I wanted to be.” For as long as she could remember, Sharneen had issues with her teeth, both in appearance and in function. As a teen, she finally achieved a beautiful smile. In her role, Sharneen enjoys helping patients get and maintain bright, healthy smiles.

She loves her job because she not only receives education, but also can pass it on to patients. Sharneen enjoys being a dental nurse and providing care for patients in the chair. “The relationships I get to nurture in the workplace are also a happy bonus.”

To prepare for her career, Sharneen earned a Certificate III in Dental Assisting in 2020. “I fully intend to undertake more studies, including oral hygiene, and am always keen to pursue any further training offered to me.”

Outside the practice, Sharneen loves keeping her house clean and tidy. She takes pride in her home, and loves spending time with her kids, wonderful husband, family and friends. “I’m an Aussie, married to a Kiwi, with one Kiwi kid and one Aussie child.”

Sharneen also enjoys taking mini vacays, going on bike rides, and healthy living.


Chloe, Dental Assistant

“I was inspired to become a dental assistant as my aunties are dental assistants” Becoming a dental assistant was something Chloe always was so interested in and now she loves serving as one in our practice. Read more about Chloe

To prepare for her career, she earned a Certificate III in Dental Assisting from TAFE SA in 2021. For Chloe, the most fulfilling aspect of being a dental assistant is watching patients leave so happy with the work performed by the dentists here at Incredible Smiles. In her spare time, Chloe enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Cassidy, Dental Assistant

Cassidy, Dental Assistant

Read more about Cassidy

Cassidy has always wanted to work in healthcare, and jumped at the opportunity to work in the dental field. She loves her role at the practice, and finds it rewarding and interesting.

To prepare for her career, Cassidy earned a Certificate III in Dental Assisting.

For her, the most rewarding aspect of her job is seeing patients who have completed treatment leave feeling happy with their smiles. Cassidy also finds it fulfilling when patients become less anxious about seeing the dentist.

When she’s not at the practice, Cassidy likes to hang out with her puppy, or get together with family and friends.

Georgia, Trainee Dental Assistant

Georgia, Trainee Dental Assistant

Read more about Georgia

After completing secondary school. Georgia planned to attend health school, but felt lost about where to start. “I wasn’t aware that dental assisting was possible until Incredible Smiles offered me a traineeship opportunity at their practice. Since then, I have developed a passion and interest for what I do, as each day there is endless learning within this field.”

To prepare for her career, Georgia earned a Certificate III in Dental Assisting in 2021.

“Growing up, I never had the best oral hygiene and perfect teeth genes.” Georgia finds it rewarding to sympathise with patients and reassure them that we are here to help, not judge. For her, the most fulfilling aspect of being a dental assistant is to see patients leave after their appointment with newfound confidence.

Outside of work, Georgia likes to go on road trips and explore SA.

rashidah photo

Rashidah, Senior Front Office Coordinator

At our practice, Rashidah places a great deal of emphasis on providing exceptional patient care. As a young child, she always remembers having wonderful experiences with her family dentist and the entire staff. She aims to bring our patients this same level of respect and care. Read more about Rashidah

Rashidah holds a Certificate III in Dental Assisting, graduating from TAFE SA in 2010. Outside of the practice, she loves to spend time with family and friends as well as soaking up all that Munno Para West has to offer. Get to know more about Rashidah when you visit us for your next appointment.

Brooke, Front Office Coordinator

In her role at the practice, Brooke enjoys greeting patients, scheduling appointments and handling other various administrative tasks. She possesses a Certificate III in Dental Assisting. Read more about Brooke

Having worked in the dental field since 2017, Brooke’s favourite thing has been watching the transformations of our patients’ smiles through treatments like Invisalign or veneers that help patients beam with confidence. She also likes to see patients have a positive experience during appointments with our dentists. “Outside of work I like to spend time with my partner, family and friends.” On long weekends Brooke loves heading to the river to get away and relax with a nice gin in hand.


Dayna, Front Office Coordinator

In her role at the practice, Dayna performs many administrative duties. She greets patients, schedules appointments, answers the phone, updates patient information and helps ensures that the operations of our office run smoothly. Read more about Dayna

When she’s not at the practice, Dayna loves spending time with her husband Adam and their two boys. “We really enjoy our mini getaways to the river but when I’ve had enough of them I love to go out with my friends and enjoy a girls’ night!”

Our friendly and caring team members look forward to making your dental experience at Incredible Smiles an exceptional one. Book an appointment today at our Munno Para West practice! full-divider

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