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Get a Straighter Smile With ScanBox Technology

We understand that you’re busy and have better things to do than attend frequent dental appointments. That’s why at Incredible Smiles, we like to make things easy for our patients while they achieve the best possible dental treatment for their needs.

If you’re getting orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign®, we’re offering ScanBox, which allows you to visit our practice less often but still get the same excellent care. The ScanBox technology is particularly convenient for those who live quite a distance from the practice.

How ScanBox Works

From the convenience of your home, you scan your teeth using the mobile ScanBox app. The app is a downloadable program for smartphones that allows us to check your progress without needing to visit the practice.

You then will upload the images for us to see, which enables us to evaluate your progress. We can then make any necessary recommendations. These include encouraging you to come in for a visit, adjusting timelines and more. Other benefits include:

Weekly feedback from us
Virtual house calls
Faster treatment

The ScanBox app is available for both iOS and Android devices. If you’d like to take advantage of this technology, we are happy to walk you through it at your next visit.

How Accurate Is ScanBox?

It’s highly accurate! The app also will optimise your treatment time, ensure a more predictable outcome, improve treatment tracking and identify unexpected situations. We will review your weekly scans remotely, which will ultimately save you an additional visit to the practice. The time you save by not coming in for an extra visit will allow you to do what you want!

Achieve Your Best Smile

Contact us today to learn more about our clear aligner options and if they’re right for your smile-straightening goals. We look forward to helping you get the perfectly aligned smile that you’ve always wanted!


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