Should I Consider Teeth Whitening?

teeth whitening patientOne of the best ways to achieve an incredible smile is through teeth whitening. When you beam brightly, you exude confidence which can help you flourish both personally and professionally. With teeth whitening, you can successfully erase years of stains that were left by coffee, tea, wine, blueberries or other staining beverages and foods.

What About at-home Whitening?

Turn on the TV, and you’ll likely be inundated with commercials touting a variety of at-home whitening options such as toothpaste and strips. Though these methods can be convenient, we recommend that you see your dentist before beginning any whitening regimen.

The Benefits of Seeing Your Dentist First

  • Determine how healthy your mouth is. Achieving optimal whitening results begins with a healthy mouth. Your dentist can examine your mouth and let you know if any dental concerns are detected. If they are, we will give you our recommendations.
  • Get the straight scoop. While the Internet is an excellent resource when it comes to research, your dentist is the best source when it comes to providing information about the most effective whitening options available.
  • Invest in your smile. While a new outfit or haircut can boost your mood, teeth whitening offers a more lasting investment.  For just $499, we are pleased to offer Philips Zoom in-chair whitening! You also will receive an additional $50 cash back from Philips Zoom, enough to add a new accessory or piece of clothing to your wardrobe.
  • Whiten Quickly. We understand that you’re busy; that’s why we are pleased to offer convenient in-chair whitening that takes only about an hour or the time it takes to grab lunch at a nearby eatery.
  • Enjoy long-lasting results. Though it doesn’t take long to get gorgeous white teeth, the results last a long time — for up to two years.
  • Opt for the take-home option. If you prefer to whiten at home, we can put together custom-fitted trays so you can successfully and safely whiten your teeth in a mere 7-10 days. You only have to wear the trays for 60-90 minutes a day to get superb results. We’d be happy to provide you with more information about our at-home whitening option.

Would you like to smile brilliantly? Book an appointment today and take that first step towards beautifying your pearly whites!

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