Snap-On Smile

Want a quick and affordable
solution for your smile?

Do you want to transform
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Snap-On Smile at Incredible Smiles

Snap-On Smile gives you an instant, affordable movie star smile with no need for complex invasive dental work.
Snap-On Smile is a custom-made type of denture with a set of temporary, removable veneers that clip on to your existing teeth.
The Snap-On Smile at Incredible Smiles is made from tough, highly durable resin. It looks and feels completely natural.
Snap-On Smile can be used to:
  • Conceal unsightly dental imperfections such as stained or chipped teeth.
  • Fill gaps in your smile left by tooth loss.
  • Help to keep remaining teeth in position ahead of tooth replacement with dental implants or a bridge.
Snap-On Smile appliances typically last about three years and can provide a convenient cosmetic solution between restorative dental work or if you can’t afford a full smile makeover right away.
Snap-On Smile can also provide a temporary solution to orthodontic issues such as crooked or gapped teeth. And unlike fixed braces, you can remove your Snap-On Smile in order to eat the foods you enjoy.

The Snap-On Smile Process

The process of getting a Snap-On smile is straightforward. It takes just two appointments.

  1. We take an impression of your mouth and you choose the shade and style of your appliance.
  2. We make sure your Snap-On-Smile is a perfect fit when we get your custom appliance back from the dental lab that made it.
You can now snap on your new, perfect smile any time you want!

Benefits of Snap-On Smile

Getting a Snap-On Smile is fast, affordable, and painless.
Some cosmetic dental procedures, such as implants, can take several months. You get your Snap-On Smile within a couple of weeks. And will cost a lot less.
With Snap-On Smile, there’s no need for tooth extraction, drilling, or anaesthetic, or recovery time.
Snap-On Smile is comfortable to wear and easy to put on and remove. Maintenance is also simple – you just remove the appliance and clean it with a toothbrush.

Ready to Snap on Your Movie Star Smile?

If you want to look like a movie star with a Snap-On Smile in Munno Para West, we’re waiting to hear from you.
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  • Phone (08) 8288 9202.
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