Wisdom teeth removal

Is your wisdom tooth
causing you pain?

Do you want to protect
your dental health?

Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth removal by Incredible Smiles relieves the discomfort associated with problem wisdom teeth. It also prevents complications that could jeopardise future oral health and general wellbeing.
Wisdom teeth cause multiple issues because most of us don’t have enough room in our mouth for them. This results in wisdom teeth growing in at a skewed angle, only partly emerging, or remaining completely embedded within the gum (impacted).
Because wisdom teeth can be so problematic, we extract them as a preventive measure as well as to resolve existing issues.

Problems wisdom teeth cause

Wisdom teeth can damage adjacent teeth. They’re also difficult to clean, which can result in decay through a build-up of bacteria and plaque.

Other problems triggered by wisdom teeth include:

Besides dental problems, wisdom teeth can also put your overall health at risk.
Complications from troublesome wisdom teeth include infection that can spread via the bloodstream around the body, damaging vital organs. And an irregular bite function due to wisdom teeth may lead to headaches.

Signs your wisdom teeth may need removing

Symptoms indicating wisdom teeth extraction may be necessary include:

The wisdom teeth removal procedure

We’ll take X-rays to determine the development of your wisdom teeth. If they need removing, extraction is straightforward, unless a tooth is impacted.
The procedure typically takes about 20 minutes or less, with local anaesthesia. Sometimes a few stitches are needed.
Recovery usually takes three to four days. We’ll give you some simple instructions to follow to make sure your mouth heals quickly.
If a wisdom tooth is lodged in the gum, removal is more complicated and the procedure and recovery will take longer.
Sedation dentistry is available to make wisdom teeth removal at our North Adelaide dental clinics more comfortable.
Worried about your wisdom teeth?

If you have concerns about your wisdom teeth, contact us now. If there’s a problem, the sooner they’re gone, the better.

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