Root Canal

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Root Canals

Root canals at Incredible Smiles relieve the often-painful symptoms of a severely infected tooth and avoid the need for extraction.
Root canal treatment repairs damage caused by deep decay that has penetrated the nerves or inflamed the soft pulp in the interior of a tooth.
This also prevents spread of infection within your mouth and to other areas of the body, and helps maintain jaw bone that supports facial structure.

The Root Canal Procedure

Root canals at our Incredible Smiles dental practices are a huge improvement on the painful, protracted procedures of yesteryear.
Modern root canal therapy usually takes around 45 minutes to clean out infection inside the tooth and apply a filling material and sealant.
It’s a fairly straightforward procedure and generally causes no more discomfort than getting a filling.

After X-rays to identify the extent of dental disease, the root canal process entails:

A dental crown may be needed to give the tooth extra strength and protection. In this case, a temporary crown will be used to secure the tooth while a permanent crown is custom made in a dental lab.

Recovery After a Root Canal

It typically takes less than a week to recover after a root canal. Your tooth may be sore for a couple of days.
Any discomfort can be relieved with prescription or over-the-counter medication. You should avoid very hot or very cold foods and drinks, and sticky, hard or crunchy foods for a while.
With proper care, a tooth that has had root canal therapy can last as long as other teeth.

Signs You Might Need a Root Canal

Root canal therapy becomes necessary when decay penetrates a tooth nerve. Symptoms of this include:

If you’re experiencing any problems like these, a root canal at North Adelaide Incredible Smiles may well be the solution. Schedule a consultation now.
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