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Custom Snore Guards

If you suffer from chronic snoring, custom snore guards from North Adelaide Incredible Smiles can provide much-needed relief so you – and your sleep partner – can get a good night’s rest.
Like our custom mouthguards, our sleep appliances are custom made to provide a precise fit for your unique oral anatomy. This means maximum effectiveness and comfort.

Disruptive Snoring

Snoring occurs when tissues in the throat relax during sleep and vibrate as you breathe, producing a rasping sound.
Most people snore occasionally but for some it becomes a persistent problem known as disruptive snoring, which can wake you up in the middle of the night.

Factors that increase the likelihood of disruptive snoring include:

Sometimes disruptive snoring may indicate a medical disorder. This is why before sleep appliance therapy we arrange a sleep study to rule out any medical conditions such as sleep apnoea.

Snore Guards and Sleep Apnoea

If you’re diagnosed with sleep apnoea after a sleep study, standard treatment is with a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine to prevent airway blockage.
A snore guard can sometimes provide an alternative to CPAP, depending on which type of sleep apnoea you have.
In other cases, a snore guard can provide a convenient, occasional substitute for bulky CPAP machines, such as when you’re travelling.

How Do Snore Guards Work?

A snore guard is a type of oral appliance therapy that keeps your airways open.
Technically known as a mandibular advancement device (MAD), snore guards move the lower jaw forward slightly during sleep.
This prevents soft tissues from collapsing in the back of the throat and stops your tongue from folding backwards and causing airway blockage.
You can then breathe more easily and enjoy a better quality of sleep.

Want to Know More About Snore Guards?

Snore guards at North Adelaide Incredible Smiles dental clinics come with a three-year warranty and are typically covered by health insurance plans.
If you think a snore guard could help you get a better night’s sleep, book a free 20-minute consultation with Dr Anisha Sanghavi, our oral sleep appliance expert.
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